Monday, November 2, 2009


Cantonese American rapper Jin was born on June 4th 1982 in Miami, Florida.

When Jin was 19 he and his family moved to Queens, New York. There Jin started to try to get his hip-hop career going. Jin entered as many freestyle competitions and selling his own mix-tapes.

in 2001 Jin entered BET's 106 and Park weekly freestyle competition Freestyle Fridays. Jin became that show reigning champion and in 2002 Jin was placed in there Freestyle hall of fame.

Being on 106 and Park lead to Jin getting a record deal with the Ruff Ryders record label (then a part of Virgin records) in 2002 under the name MC Jin, this made Jin the first Asian-Americans to sign to a major record label in the states.

In 2003 Jin released his first single "Learn Chinese" The video for the song was the first music video to be played on MTV Chi. That year Jin also appeared in the film 2 fast 2 furious. Jin also lost a friend, Christopher Louie aka LS, to gang violence that year due to a beef he had with a wannabe rapper that was involved with a gang called the Ghost Shadows.

also in 2003 Jin was the focus of a documentary Jin: Making of a Rap Star.

in 2004 Jin released his debut studio album The Rest is History.

In 2005 Jin publicly stated that he was quiting rap and even released the song I Quit in May of that year. But his retirement didn't last that long because later that year Jin signed with indy label CraftyPlugz/Draft Records under tbe new alias The Emcee. Jin was the first artist to sign up with CrafyPlugz. That October Jin released his 2nd album Jin Presents: The Emcee's Properganda.

With CraftyPlugz/Draft Records Jin released the mixtape 100 grand Jin in 2006 and the albums I promise (release in 2006 as an internet only album but released as cd in 2007) and ABC in 2007.

In 2007 Jin released a song on my space called "Open Letter to Obama" and because he was such an earlier support of the man who is now are president Jin was the first person on Obama's myspace page's top 8 list and he also released a song in honor of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre titled rain rain go away.

also 2007 Jin was featured in another documentary called No Sleep til Shanghai. Which was not just about Jin but the growing popularity of hip-hop in Asia.

In 2008 Jin signed to Universal Music Group Hong Kong and was part of there "8-Figures on 2008 Newcomers" campaign along with 8 other artist. With Universal he released his album ABC and in 2009 he released the mixtape Free Rap Mixtape.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

John Cho

John Cho is a Korean American Actor.

John Cho was born June 16th 1972 in Seoul, South Korea.

around the age of 6 John and the Cho family moved to LA.

John Cho started out as a print model and appeared in a number of Korean magazines.

after John Cho graduated from the University of California he joined an Asian American acting theater origination, East West Players. at this time John Cho's day job was being an English teacher at Pacific Hills School.

John Cho's filmed acting career started like most other actors, working small roles in a number movies and tv shows such as tomorrow never dies, charmed, bowfinger, Down to earth as well a few others.

John Cho's small role in American Pie where the character he played introduced to term MILF into the American lexicon may be where John Cho first started to get noticed by people.

from American Pie he got a role on the short lived WB show Off Center.

in 2002 John Cho was inthe film Better Luck Tommorrow.

in 04 John Cho played Harold Lee in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. This was the first stoner film to star Asian actors. John Cho reprised his role in Harold and Kumar Espape from Guantanamo Bay in 08.

John Cho appeared in the show Kitchen Confidential. John Cho was to be a regular on the show but his roles was reduced to only being a recurring guess star.

in 07 John Cho starred in the film West 32nd.

John Cho played Sulu in the updated Star Trek film and is one of the stars in the show Flash Forward.